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Wills and Administrations of Elizabeth City County, Virginia, 1688 ...
Owing to an unfortunate error in Clayton Torrence's Virginia Wills and Administrations it is widely believed that the early probate records of Elizabeth City County .

Tazewell family papers, 1623-1930 - University of Virginia
Tazewell represented James City County in the House of Delegates from 1798 to . Elizabeth City County Court in case of Elianor Brough and William Brough, .

Elizabeth City County, Virginia: Surnames
Mar 3, 2012 . Virginia Historical Genealogies includes Allen of Elizabeth City (Source: . Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly includes Elizabeth City County . Visiting The Past includes Brough .

r"'~~""1 t. (Elizabeth City County! "Virginia. 'Deed.9lbstracts! 1787-1800 . tt Moore. ooker, Sheriff. 1794 - Receipt n from William Mannis to sati. Brough. Slaves: .

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Howard Families of Eastern North Carolina
Feb 23, 2012 . Thomas and Elizabeth Brough HOWARD had the following issue (3), all born in . MINSON (c1700 - 1737) and his wife Mary of Elizabeth City County, VA. In addition to Elizabeth, William and Mary MINSON had 3 sons.

Old Kecoughtan, Elizabeth City County, VA - USGenWeb Archives
Old Kecoughtan, Elizabeth City County, VA - Old Records; Wm. & Mary Qtrly, Vol. . In 1625, there were 349 inhabi- tants at Elizabeth City, and Captain William . Coleman Brough Sherif Sumond Mrs. Elizabeth Walker, Mrs. Mary Taylor and .

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Note: Without the long hours of intensive study of Virginia counties many years . Abstract, 1784 9 Brunswick County Brunswick County Notes 9 William Poole, . of Burgesses for Elizabeth City 1765 20 Essex & Old Rappahannock Counties . of cousin John Selden; to Robert Brough, son of William Brough, decd; if cousin .

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Mary Williams Richmond County. 1702 William Bossell Elynor Brough Elizabeth City County. 1702 Col. Miles Cary Mary Roscow Elizabeth City County .

The Yeo Society
Steven also descends from William Yeo & Ellen Grenville. . Leonard Yeo was a burgess for Elizabeth City (Virginia county) in 1644, 1645, 1663 . George Yeo Jr. of Elizabeth City County, married Elinor, widow, first, of Coleman Brough, and, .

Read the ebook History of Hampton and Elizabeth City County ...
Online etexts of History of Hampton and Elizabeth City County, Virginia by Lyon Gardiner Tyler: the collection of free . William Newce, who had come a very short time before as . Brough, Thomas Curie, Mathew Watts, John Minson, Wal- .

Virginia Tax List Index
Apr 13, 2008 . Name, County, Tax List, Page . Allen, William, Sr, ElizabethCity, 1790Personal, 01 . Brough, William, ElizabethCity, 1790Personal, 02. Brown .

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Flood Family Website
12 December 1777. 13 vi. William b. 12 December 1777. 14 vii. Benjamin b. . 18 April 1852 in Buckingham Co., VA. married Mary Elizabeth BONDURANT (b. . 1850 Fed Census IN, Lawrence County, Indian Creek Twp: John Brough 30, b. . 1910 Fed Census OK, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City Ward 2, District 205: .

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1820 Federal Census Elizabeth City County - Free Census Project ...
NOTE: For more information on Elizabeth City County, Virginia, Please visit the . 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 | M645 | Hampton 12 | Wm. Brough | 0 1 0 0 0 1 | 0 1 0 0 1 . 1 | William B. Armistead | 0 0 0 0 1 0 | 3 0 0 1 0 | 0 | 0 0 0 | 0 1 0 1 | 1 1 0 1 | 0 0 0 .

Visiting the Past - Featured Ancestors
His will dated 19 August 1686 in York Parish, York County names his wife Alice. His plantation . Coleman Brough was the son of Mary Tackett and her first husband Robert Brough. . Coleman was a Justice during 1692 and High Sheriff during 1699 in Elizabeth City County. . William Rowe lived in Norfolk County, Virginia.

Full text of "History of Hampton and Elizabeth City County, Virginia"
Full text of "History of Hampton and Elizabeth City County, Virginia" . John Knox, William Hudson, Thomas Skinner, John Bright and Coleman Brough — were .

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Elizabeth City County. January 5, 1694–5, William Cofield of Nansimun, and Elizabeth Sheppard. January 12, 1694–5, Moses Baker and Elizabeth Browne .

ELIZABETH CITY COUNTY,. VIRGINIA. (Now the City of Hampton). Deeds, Wills, Court Orders, Etc. 1634,1659 . Allainby; John. Smythe (blacksmith); William Mallyward; Mrs. Cook for rent of . Pascho U1rle, Coleman Brough, Tho. U1rle.

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The Virginia Parish System
This Parish was co?extensive with Stafford County, covering a part of what was once Washington . William County was taken from Stafford, and Hamilton Parish was erected, succeeding . Hacker, Haffermon, Hainsbrough, Hainsford, Haley, Hall, Halley, Hamilton, Hammet . Elizabeth City County, Inone, Mr. John Page .

Wi8 William Willoughby
and the grandson of the Thomas Willoughby Wi10 b 1632 Elizabeth City Va. d 1672 in . NPS87 showa a Mary Willoughby b about 1700 in Prince William Co. or Va. m . Ky m Scarbbrough Mathews and Thomas Staton b 1734 Accomack Co.

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Bacon's Rebellion 1676
Blankville, Charles, Elizabeth City, asked for pardon. Bland, Giles . Starbrough, William, Surry. Steele . Charles City County, Virginia Order Book, 1676-1679.

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Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666 by George Cabell Greer
. person(s) paying passage of immigrant COUNTY - County in which sponsor received . Aires John 1654 William Lea Charles City Akerkill Ann 1651 Capt Thomas . Allen William 1656 Humphrey Tabb Elizabeth City Allen William 1638 John . River Brough Edward 1642 Adam Cooke Charles City Brough Margery 1647 .

Allen, 1800s, King William County, VA Ammons, 1780 - 1830, GA and SC Anderson, 1800s - 1900s, Lynchburg City and surrounding counties, VA Ansell . Wray/Ray, 1600s - 1700s, Elizabeth City and Brunswick Counties, VA Young . Brough, pre-1700s and onward, Amelia, Dinwiddie and Nottoway Counties, VA Brush .

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Thomas Gerrard (1608 - 1673) - Genealogy
Feb 12, 2012 . September 28, 1671, James City County, VA. ii. . William, the 3rd Baronet, who married Elizabeth,daughter of Sir Cuthbert Clifton, Knight, .

Signature & Seal of Rowland Lawson II of Lancaster County, Virginia . (“ Hathaway/Man Deed”); Deed from John & Elizabeth “Biscoe” to “William Hathaway of Essex . Brough Hall, Yorkshire and Longhirst, Northumberland}] . Elizabeth City,” 20 September 1624, VA Land Patent Book 1, page 26 abstracted in 1 Nugent .

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If The Bricks Could Talk
Jan 15, 2011 . Bolitha Laws came to Elizabeth City County (today's Hampton) in 1818, purchasing two properties from Robert Brough of Norfolk on the north side of Mill Creek. . of Virginia to Delaware and the name John runs through all of them. . William owns two houses in Hampton, one near the Methodist Church.

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1850 Federal Census
NOTE: For more information on Elizabeth City County, Virginia Please visit the VAGenWeb page at . Year: 1850 State: Virginia County: Elizabeth City Stamped No: 35B Reel No: M432-942 Division: . H630 | 19 | 75 77 | William Abraham Howard | 1 M | | Va. . W325 | 38 | 79 81 | John Brough | 45 M | BCarpenter | Va.

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The Allocation of Black Labor in Elizabeth City County, Virginia - Jstor
2 Sarah S. Hughes, "Elizabeth City County, Virginia, I782-i8i0: . Ibid., Book. 34; and bill of sale, John Rogers to Robert Brough, Sept. i, i8oi, ibid., Book I2, I02.

This is the William Armistead who was said to been baptized August 3, 1619 at All . to VA from England in 1635, and been a patentee of Elizabeth City County, .

Local Emergency Managers Directory - Local EM Directory - Virginia ...
All, Accomack County, Albemarle County, Alexandria City .

Full text of "Virginia county records"
William, son of Christopher Copeland ; Martha Daniell ; brother Samuel Daniell . Eldest daughter Ann Whitfield of Elizabeth City county; son John and my wife .