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This is a list of the mammal species recorded in South Africa. There are 299 mammal species in South Africa, of which 2 are critically endangered, 11 are .

The following articles discuss various animals found on the African continent. You will find book reviews and articles about everything concerning the world of .

African Animals
Welcome to African Fauna. A fun and educational website loaded with photos and great facts about African animals. African Fauna Logo. Amazing Fact: Despite .

Earth's Endangered Creatures - Endangered Species of Africa
Endangered Mammals of Africa Mammals | Birds | Reptiles .

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African Wildlife - Animals in Africa
To learn a little about the animals you will see before you travel, will enhance your wildlife viewing experience greatly. Most people who safari in Africa hope to .

Cenozoic Mammals of Africa : Edited by Lars Werdelin, and William ...
This magnificent volume is a clear and comprehensive review of the African mammalian fossil record over the past 65 million years. Cenozoic Mammals of Africa .

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Amazon.com: Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals (Natural ...
"The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals is a most precious volume. It is a work of almost heroic proportions, more akin in its scope and feel to the great .

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African Elephant - Animals - National Geographic
Learn all you wanted to know about African elephants with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

African Species Guide - African Mammals - Antelope
Comprehensive guide of mammals found in Africa.

The Behavior Guide to African Mammals: Including Hoofed ...
The Behavior Guide to African Mammals is as different from a conventional field guide as motion pictures are from a snapshot. Whether we are able to look at .

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African Animals Coloring/Info Pages - AllAboutNature.com
African Animals Coloring/Info Pages - A. Print out animal pages/information sheets to color.

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Kruger Park Wildlife Facts | Africa Mammals Guide...
A guide on african mammals in Kruger National Park. This mammals of africa guide includes information on all the species of mammal that people most want to .

Western African Aquatic Mammals - Convention on Migratory Species
The Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (also known as CMS or Bonn Convention) aims to conserve terrestrial, marine and .

What animals are found in South Africa
South Africa has a biodiversity (both flora and fauna) unrivaled anywhere on earth. The list of mammals alone is staggering, including some of earth's most .

NMNH | Where Do Mammals Live? | Africa - Rainforest
Up to 300 cm (117 in) of rain falls every year in the Central and West African rainforests. Rainforest mammals have evolved ways to navigate and communicate .

List of extinct animals of Africa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The list of extinct animals in Africa features the animals that have become extinct on the African continent and its islands, like Madagascar, Mauritius, Rodrigues, .

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Africa on the Matrix: Other Mammals of Africa
Photographs and information about some of the smaller mammals in Africa, including mongoose, warthogs, jackals and others.

How do African buffalo defend themselves from lions?: Hoofed ...
African buffalo are huge animals, but they have fearsome predators to contend with: lions. Find out how African buffalo defend themselves against lions.

African Mammal Hall | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
The state-of-the-art dioramas in our African Mammals Hall are breathtakingly realistic. Hidden details will captivate even the youngest museum visitors and we .

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African Animals List
Jan 20, 2012 . Africa, the land with an abundance of different kinds and species of animals. There are many animals of the African wilderness, that call the .

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African Elephant Facts - Animals Wildlife - About.com
The African elephant is the largest living land mammal. The African elephant is one of only two species of elephants alive today, the other species is the smaller .

Mammals of Southern Africa
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SOUTHERN AFRICA You will love the Korck Publishing “Mammals of Southern Africa” wall poster!The Korck Publishing wall .

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Could Rising Temperatures Mean Smaller Mammals? | Africa | English
Feb 24, 2012 . Scientists study effects of past climate change events.

African Elephant | San Diego Zoo - Kids
Both male and female African elephants have long tusksLong incisor teeth that grow outside the mouths of such animals as the elephant and walrus., which are .

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The Mammals of the Southern African Sub-region - Academic and ...
The Mammals of the Southern African Sub-region . This comprehensive volume covers all mammals that occur naturally on the African mainland south of the .

Mammals of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East: Amazon.co ...
Trade in Mammals of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East for an Amazon.co. uk gift card of up to £7.90, which you can then spend on millions of items .

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Amazon.com: Field Guide to Larger Mammals of Africa ...
Husband and wife team, Chris and Tilde Stuart, are best known for their various mammal field guides, but also for numerous other titles they have written on the .

AFRICA - Explore the Regions - Rainforest
The rainforests have Africa's richest assortment of animals. So rich, in fact, that identifying them all is a mind-boggling task for biologists. Animal life can vary .

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African Mammals, Sierra College
The African mammal display includes the elephant, a variety of small gazelles, antelope, and other herbivores, the cheetah, and the black and white .

Big Mammals Disappearing in Africa's National Parks : TreeHugger
Jul 13, 2010 . As if the dramatic decline in some big cat populations over the last two decades wasn't bad enough, it turns out that they're not the only .

Large mammals declining in Africa's parks - Research - University of ...
Jul 13, 2010 . African national parks such as Masai Mara and the Serengeti have seen populations of large mammals decline by up to 59 per cent, .