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Hunting and Fishing
The men of the Bay Miwok village were in charge of providing meat, fish, and fowl for . The men would sit around the fire and make or repair their hunting tools.

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The groups near or on the coast--the Coast, Lake, and Bay Miwok--gathered . They used various natural resources to create tools: wood, obsidian, bird and . when a dwelling had to be built, and clothing or weapons made but they had .

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Some of the features lacking might be: "thinning" of the tool/weapon, all of the . The tally mark indicates Southern Miwok, further south you find them with a .

Whats the weapons and tools the pacific weast coast people used
What is the weapons and tools the northwest coast people used? stuffs =D. Which weapons were used on the vietnamese people? The NORTH Vietnamese .

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What tools did the Miwok Indians use
Miwok Indians used arrow heads to chop the rocks in half. . Tools (as opposed to weapons) were mainly used by Blackfoot women for food preparation, .

What kind of tools did the miwok tribe use
What kind of tools did the miwok tribe use? . What kind of tools and weapons did pomo tribe use? . As such they would have used the same tools as other.

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Eastern Miwok
languages and the Eastern Miwok languages have been the Utian language . tools of hunting and the primary weapons of war were the. The most complex .

Language - Beliefs and Customs. - Clothing - Tools" and Weapons. — Housing ' — Food-. AAATERIAL5 PROVIDED? * Items kept at Miwok Village 5.1“ Items .

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The California Coast Miwok people used plants for much, much more than food. . houses and boats, for tools and weapons, for basketry, containers and traps; .

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40" Yew Miwok Bow. . "Primitive" Cooking Food preparation, storage, cooking tools and methods) · Pottery, Basketry & Fiber-arts .

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Aug 6, 2011 . The Coastal Miwok people inhabited western Marin and southwestern Sonoma . The men occupied themselves with weapon and tool making.

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General Hiking information, features, and statistics for Coastal - Miwok Loop in Muir . Instead, I was struck by how much humans have invested in the tools of . to nuclear bombs and chemical and biological weapons— become obsolete.

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The Indians of Yosemite belong to a group or family known as the Miwok who, . in the period at which chipped stone tools were being replaced by polished ones . It was a rather narrow weapon, and the sinew was thickened at the ends and .

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The Ewok are named after the Miwok, a Native American tribe, indigenous to the . on the forest floor, and their primitive weapons fell the Imperial Stormtroopers .

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What you get is an artifact that is a work of art, an actual useable tool or craft that has . we can recreate anything from Apache,to Miwok or Inuit cultures if needed. . This package is a large cross section of hunting tools and weapons used on .

An exceptional Coast Miwok basket with olivella shell disc beads, from the Museum of . tools available are: . and diverse history as the weapon used .

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Thus Maidu, Miwok, Yurok and Pomo were all language families, with the languages . they did have private property in the form of tools, weapons, clothing, etc.

The Missionization of the Coast Miwok Indians of California
The first Coast Miwok encounter with the Spanish was made in 1595 when Sebastian . broken tools, and other rubbish. Evidently . are their only Weapons, .

Miwok (Native Americans of California)
Location The Miwok were originally composed of three divisions: Eastern (Sierra) , Lake, and Coast. . Stone and bone provided the raw material for a variety of tools. . War and Weapons The bow and arrow was the most important weapon.

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According to Barrett and Gifford, the Yosemite Miwok (Awhaneechi?) . concerned, it's amazing how similar tools and weapons are found throughout the world.

Exhibits & Collections
. stone tool collections, ceramics, carvings, photographs, feathers, weapons, . Our collections range from a Miwok basket collection from California to Aztec ceremonial clothing from Mexico to stone tools from a Lenape/Delaware rock shelter .

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Apr 22, 2005 . The redwood display cases containing Miwok basketry, tools and weapons are a tasteful tribute to the people who may also have awaited the .

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Mar 5, 2011 . However the Miwok start dying from a disease (smallpox) brought to them . totalitarianism -- he made it illegal for commoners to own weapons, .

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vented and new hunting techniques evolved, and people devised new tools, . eggs, roots and berries, stone for weapons, grass for weaving, and heath for fuel. . groups included the Chumash, Maidu, Miwok, Modoc, Ohlone (Costano), .

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and designed to be harvested for making the tools and baskets that were essential to everyday life. . The Coast Miwok lived all along Salmon Creek, at least up to the Freestone valley. . Their goods (equipment, weapons, stills, tools and the .

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This is no small feat in a wild animal; Dr. Burwell's diagnostic tools are . You can visit a recreation of a Miwok village at Olompali State Historic Park, open . However, most dwellings, tools, clothing, ceremonial objects and hunting weapons .

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Miwok. Bodega Miwok. Marin Miwok. Clear Lake Miwok. Plains Miwok . tactics, weapons and prey – as well as the words describing their life in the forest. . He retained his late Paleolithic hunting tools – sufficient to meet his daily needs .

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Pomo · Miwok · Shoshone. SOUTHWEST . Tool and Weapons - (SLL-HunterR). The Seminole hunters used bows and arrows for their weapons. The fisherman of the tribe . The Seminoles also used dugout canoes for a tool. Dugout canoes .

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The basic farming tools were a planting stick with a wedge-shaped point and a . and making skin clothing, making tools and weapons, and building houses.

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. native plants for food, material to construct tools and weapons, and as medicine. . The Miwok hunters would wisely carry a piece of the root with them when .

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In This Section... Index California Plant Communities Plant ...
. native plants for food, material to construct tools and weapons, and as medicine. . The Miwok hunters would wisely carry a piece of the root with them when .

Central California Culture
Macro-Penutian / Penutian / Utian / Miwokan, Coast Miwok .

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The Marin Headlands were home to the Native American Coastal Miwok tribe, . the military personnel from the use of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons.