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Install diagram - D2SUN universal 6 wires modchip for ALL ...
Install diagram for D2SUN V1x , V2x & V3x series . The new 6 wires Install diagram for D2SUN V1.3A5 (Alt. "K" for EPOXY D2E: ) The new 6 wires Install .

SUNKEY - D2SUN universal 6 wires modchip for ALL Nintendo WII!
How to install? just same with sunkey lite, plug and play. SUNKEY Lite, The last SUNKEY LITE v1.3A (2010 version), support BCA! The SUNKEY LITE v1.1B .

SUNDRIVER - D2SUN universal 6 wires modchip for ALL Nintendo ...
After install complete, it can put the 2.5' HD to Wii console perfectly. And use USB 2.0 . SunDriver come with one free screw tool for install/remove the HD screw; .

D2Sun Team presents you SunDriver Connect your CF/ATA/SATA ...
Install firmware update ribbon and storage media to the SunDriver. ....................... 5. 3.2 . Download and install the SunDriver Menu for game selection.

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GMODZ presents D2Sun v3pro solderless install using wii clip 2 ...
Jan 21, 2009 . GMODZ presents d2sunv3pro solderless install using wii clip 2 on d2c NTSC wii.

D2Sun V1.2 + wii-clip v5B en D2C2 - YouTube
Jul 4, 2008 . ??? Wii ??? ??? d2pro, d2sun ???1by neogirl200012617 views · GMODZ presents D2Sun v3pro solderless install using wii clip 2 .

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??? Wii ??? ??? d2pro, d2sun ???1 - YouTube
Jul 26, 2008 . GMODZ presents D2Sun v3pro solderless install using wii clip 2by gurvir193207 views · Wii Modchip Installation Tutorial - Disassembly 8:11 .

The last WII-CLIP V12C for D2SUN V3Pro. The new WII-CLIP V12C for D2SUN V3Pro install diagram: Zero wire need solder, plug and play! The last WII-CLIP .

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Support for full series WII CHIP, included WIIKEY , D2CKEY , D2CPRO , ARGON , D2PRO, WASABI, INFECTUS, D2SUN chips, very high install efficiency, you .

D2Sun v1.3A5 D2E Modchip :: Buy Latest D2Sun Here Today!
Sep 24, 2008 . The D2Sun v1.3a5 is the latest chip from D2Sun team, it's designed to be aimed at the installer market as well, the price on these chips is one of .

SunKey Lite v1.3A BCA :: Solderless D2Sun DMS to D3 Drives
Sep 24, 2008 . The SunKey Lite v1.3a Solderless D2Sun mod chip for Wii are . you have when installing, if you are un-sure how to set the switches, you are .

Install a modchip into the Nitendo Wii, mod chip building an SD card ...
Taking the Wii apart and install any Wii Modchip All models · D2E-A9 Installation on D2C, D2C2, D2E please look here. Diagrams from .

••••> Wii-CLIP-2 V12C D2Sun V3 MODCHIP D2-Sun Mod-Chip ...
The original Wii-CLIP-2 V12C (Wii-Clip PRO) with pre soldered D2Sun V3 SPI allows you to install a D2-Sun V3 ModChip even without any technical skills!

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Which is the best solder less mod chip? - Motherboard Processor & RAM
Your console is protected from game, is nice feature of D2Sun SunKey Lite v1.3a. There is very simple and easy installation of D2Sun SunKey .

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Wii - GMODZ - Wiikey, Wii-clip, Drivekey, Wasabi, Flatmod, WODE ...
After several tests and custom installs we have come to a full softmod solution . We install certain patches so users can not accidently take updates and render .

WiiKey Install Guides :: Complete Guide for Wii D2B
Here you will find WiiKey guides and install diagrams. WiiKey . we also have guides and information on other popular chips such as D2Pro, D2Sun and more.

SunKey Fusion User Manual -
2.1 Connect the ribbons and external switchboard. 5. 2.2 Connect the Wii DVD drive. 6. 2.3 Reassemble your Wii 6. 3. Installation of the SunKey Fusion : D2Sun .

How to Install a Sunkey Lite Wii Modchip - D2SUN universal 6 wires ...
Installation wise: the install of the harddrive is very easy, just angle it and slide in the . Need to correct that issue D2sun I used some nylon washers to align it .

SUNDISK - D2SUN universal 6 wires modchip for ALL Nintendo WII!
How to install the SUNDISK series? Step #1: Insert the right FPC to the FPC socket; Step #2: Insert the Wii FPC to the SUNDISK socket; Step #3: Use the glue .

DIY - D2SUN universal 6 wires modchip for ALL Nintendo WII! With ...
I wanted to install the on/off switch for the D2Sun internally. here are some pics!! the switch is designed to stick to the outside of the case... ugly. this took some .

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GMODZ - Sundriver Install Tutorial - YouTube
Dec 22, 2009 . How to install and setup the Sundriver. SunDriver programmer, Menu.iso can be downloaded here

Installation puce D2sun chipset d2c2
26 juin 2008 . Installation puce D2SUN 1.2 sur chipset D2C v2 : Pour un poseur de puces habitué à souder des puces D2ckey, la D2SUN est un jeu d'enfant .

••••> Wii-CLIP-2 V12C D2Sun V3 MODCHIP D2-Sun Mod-Chip ...
Wii-CLIP-2 / PRO V12C with D2Sun V3 ModChip and D2-Sun Mod-Chip or . Installation im Vergleich zu anderen wii Chips ein richtiger "Sonnenaufgang" ist .

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Modchip Outlet - Nintendo Wii Key Mod Chip
Now offering professional modchip installation for ALL consoles. Click here for details. Product Category . D2Sun v2.02 Modchip ..Add to Shopping Cart .

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Modchip D2sun Brand -
Solderless Clip d2sun 3.x / 12b/c. See details · Solderless Clip d2sun 3.x / 12b/c. Solder less clip D2sun, this clips makes the install completely solderless and a .

Nintendo Wii Sun Driver SATA Version Review - Page 1 - PS3 ...
Category: Console News By: idone - ( Tags: nintendo wii sun . Installing games and configuring Sun Driver is easy and fast. Power on Wii with .

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Sundriver by where to buy, reviews, discussions ...
May 11, 2011 . Sundriver by Description. The Sundriver is the first modchip with full HDD support with a fully concealed install. It allows you to play .

Wii-chip provide you step-by-step Installation Instructions of How to Install Wii Chip . Nintendo Wii Mod Chip Installation Instructions . D2Sun Install Instructions .

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SunDriver IDE/CF, mod chip for Nintendo Wii - D2Sun
Dec 27, 2009 ., D2Sun, SunDriver IDE/CF, mod chip for . You can install inside the SunDrive standard CF memory module or 2.5 inch .

D2sun Review : Wii [Mod-Chip] D2SUN
The D2Sun Wii Mod Chip in particular is compatible with the D2C chipset. It also supports . No, the chips is up and running as soon as you have it installed.

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Nero Dual Programmer for Sundriver, D2Sun and Sunkey
Install Kit · Install Services · Nintendo 3DS · Flash Carts (6) · Flash Carts and Memory (12) · Nintendo . Nero Dual Programmer for Sundriver, D2Sun and Sunkey .

WII D2sun V3.0 modchip (China Manufacturer) - Video Games ...
Mar 22, 2012 . WII D2sun V3.0 modchip . Features: * Fast and easy installation on all models. Plug and Play . Two LEDs indicate the D2SUN working status .

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D2sun sur chipset d2cv2 - Vidéo Dailymotion
2008?6?26? . Puce D2sun sur chipset d2c v2 d'une Nintendo Wii. . Par xavbox. il y a 1 mois. Installation de Cydia et des sources. lecture en cours. 02:15 .

BootMii beta 2
May 27, 2009 . now i can try install the ios version on the new wii, and wait for my old one . but i can´t boot anything) wii is aktually chipped with d2sun 3.05 .

Xbox - GMODZ - Wiikey, Wii-clip, Drivekey, Wasabi, Flatmod, WODE ...
If you are doing the modchip install yourself then the more expensive chips are easier to install as they have a built in OS. If you are getting it installed by a .

Xbox 360 - GMODZ - Wiikey, Wii-clip, Drivekey, Wasabi, Flatmod ...
$120 installed or $100 retail -X360key USB HDD loader - 15 minutes $30 - ( samsung, benq, hitachi, lite-on) - 10 minutes $60 -Slim 360 (hitachi and 1175 can 't .