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President Obama's Bilateral Meeting with President Rousseff of ...
Apr 9, 2012 . We've made enormous progress since we last met on our bilateral . It is by definition an inter-ministerial meeting to be attended by the U.S. .

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While there is not yet a broadly accepted definition of defence diplomacy, . (e.g. Ministers and senior defence personnel), bilateral meetings and staff talks, .

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As the prime minister is, by definition, a member of a cabinet - this form of government is . Thatcher began using bilateral meetings with individual ministers to .

World Trade Organization: Definition from
In this way, bilateral negotiations among trading parties would be . According to a European Union statement, "The 2008 Ministerial meeting broke down over .

Madrid European Council (12/95): Annexes 6-10 to Conclusions
Several ministerial meetings, both bilateral (Association Agreements) and . Implementation of the structured dialogue defined in Essen continued apace during .

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WTO | Ministerial conferences - Cancún 5th Ministerial - Briefing ...
CANCÚN WTO MINISTERIAL 2003: BRIEFING NOTES . A well-defined programme of bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral meetings for 2003 is underway.

NATO – New Zealand Defense Minister Dr. Coleman - Bilateral ...
Mar 2, 2012 . B-roll of the NATO bilateral meeting with New Zealand Defense Minister Dr. Jonathan Coleman. Also available in high definition.Powered by .

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(TRTA/CB) and mainstreaming aid-for-trade as part of our multi- and bilateral development cooperation. . undertaken at December 2005 WTO Ministerial Conference. . Finland follows the definition of the WTO aid-for-trade Task Force.

Joint meeting of Israeli and Italian government ministers 2-Feb-2010
Feb 2, 2010 . The ministerial meeting was held in order to sign nine agreements that . defined Israeli-Italian relations as one of Italy's five closest bilateral .

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Connect Arab States Summit
(as defined by Summit Protocol as. VVIPs) as well as VIP Bilateral Meetings, e.g. meetings at Minister and C-level. In the same spirit, an opportunity for other .

Indonesia-Australia: Beyond bilateralism | The Jakarta Post
Apr 24, 2012 . At the Cabinet level, both countries' ministers have held meetings on . Despite bilateral mechanisms such as the Annual Trade Ministers' Meeting, the . as comprehensive in the real-world meaning of the term, achieving far .

The Planning Meeting of the Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor ( IACML) . define their financial or in-kind commitments; revise the operation and . receive proposals for bilateral cooperation in February 2012 and will select 10 .

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The main issues in North-South free trade agreements
. were first introduced into the WTO through its Ministerial Conference in 1996 in Singapore . in developing-developed country bilateral negotiations, with the developing . The US-Singapore FTA allows for a broad definition of investors and .

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Assistant Secretary Gordon Delivers Remarks on NATO Ministerial ...
Apr 18, 2011. Rodham Clinton's participation in the NATO ministerial meeting in Berlin on . on Libya, but on a wide range of other bilateral and multilateral issues. . an " occupation" make when the intent does not support that definition.

Colombia and Ecuador define new issues for bilateral agenda
Colombia and Ecuador define new issues for bilateral agenda. Trade ministers from both countries will meet again in late April. The meeting of ministers took .

ANZUS: Definition from
Annual meetings to discuss ANZUS defense matters take place between the United . Subsequent bilateral Australia–US Ministerial (AUSMIN) meetings have .

Intergovernmental relations and Scotland's constitutional debates
Mar 16, 2012 . New bilateral ministerial-level body to manage operational matters – already meeting, though clearly difficult. – 'clear line of sight' for HM .

President versus Prime Minister
PM's use Cabinet Committees (the PM chairs several of these), bilateral meetings with individual ministers, the No. 10 Policy Unit, the Cabinet Office, Think .

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Twelve Questions about the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation The ...
Over the past few years, more and more ministerial meetings are taking place to tackle . The Partnership works on two levels, the bilateral, that is between the EU and the . The EU and the country jointly define an agenda of political and .

(Parallel to the First Ministerial Conference of Ministers Responsible for . attended by 42 countries, the AfDB, several UN and international agencies and bilateral . to define an extended Programme of Action for the implementation of the .

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Doc. Code: BFUG_PL_AM_26_10a Procedure for the selection of ...
related to choosing a host for the Ministerial Conference dating back from 20061;. • propose a . rooms for bilateral meetings and parallel sessions; . and the Vice- Chair is defined at the beginning of their mandate by each chairing team.

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The Rabat Process | Dialogue EuroAfrican
On November 23rd 2011, the Third Euro-AfricanMinisterial Conference on . cooperation through the implementation of numerous bilateral, sub-regional, . A follow-up meeting will be held in Spain during the second quarter of 2012 to define .

Quantifying Aid for Trade: A Case Study of Tanzania?
Figure 1: Aid for trade (bilateral and multilateral) by category, 2000-06 ( commitments, USD . Section 2 explores the origins and evolving definition of . development ministers that took place before and at the ministerial meeting on mobilising .

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Labour Standards in US and EU Preferential Trading Arrangements
the emergence of a consensus at the WTO Singapore Ministerial Conference in 1996 . labour standards in bilateral US FTAs, starting with NAFTA and culminating in the . arrangements definitions that suite their national trade interests.

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May 17, 2002 . The Special ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Terrorism, held in Kuala Lumpur on . Strengthen cooperation at bilateral, regional and international levels in . in a comprehensive manner including its definition and root causes.

Australian Trade Minister Mark Vaile and US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick . A standard definition of an FTA is an agreement between two countries or . 29 Singapore Ministerial Conference, Singapore Ministerial Declaration, .

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The 8 FTAA Trade Ministers' Meeting in Miami: Shrink, Sink or Swim ...
scope, definition and content of the agreement. Not only did . possibility to negotiate certain topics in either multilateral or bilateral fora. 2. Although the . become. Interestingly, the U.S. also claims the FTAA ministers' meeting to be a success .

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Apr 27, 2011 . While the preparation and overall tenor of the meetings reflect a somewhat . of Brussels, the EU's policy remains plagued by difficulties of goal definition and . Beginning in the early 1990s, bilateral relations with the USSR's .

WTO Ministerial: more of the same
At the same time, the lack of definition of U.S. trade policy and even the lack of . Finally, despite these bilateral meetings, negotiations in the different areas .

Commonwealth Secretariat/ Organisation Internationale de la ...
Commonwealth Secretariat/ Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie Ministerial meetings Since the 1990s, DFI's subsidiary Debt Relief Inter...