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Mar 3, 2012 . Bronze bust of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia. Mounted on a 2 7/8” tapered round base with an engraved “CATHERINE II“ nameplate .

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Collot sculpted a bust representing Falconet at Catherine the Great's request. This is now in the Museum of Fine Art in Nancy, France. She also requested a bust .

Jean-Antoine Houdon
Between these dates Houdon had not been idle; busts of Catherine the Great, Diderot and Prince Galitzin were remarked at the Salon of 1773, and at that of .

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This great bust was cast from high quality bonded marble. PLEASE NOTE: This . Catherine the Great Earrings - Faberge, Russia 1914. $28.00. The Rosetta .

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How did two policies of Catherine the great strengthen Russia? ChaCha Answer: Catherine . Can You Name the Draft Bust? Can You Name the Draft Bust?

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Catherine The Great
Catherine The Great: Catherine The Great. . the Order of St. George, Lampi placed a bust of the great Tsar in the background of his canvas, with this inscription .

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Bisque Bust of Catherine the Great, ca. 1862, Jean-. Dominque Rachette, sculptor, Alexander II centennial edition, 143/4 in. Pair of Plates from Cabinet Service, .

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3. Catherine the Great's Medals
Image: Death of Catherine the Great. Double-headed eagle and bust of the monarch. 1796. Designed by Conrad Heinrich Kuchler. Image from:: Birmingham .

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Bust of Empress wearing Imperial crown on obverse, reverse with allegorical figures of . A very rare and equally desirable medal from the reign of Catherine the Great. . 2231 Pair of copper medals, both dated 1865: I Busts of Catherine II and .

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Fedot Ivanovich Choubine, Russian sculptor and painter, carved a bust of Catherine the Great. Links: Artist, Russia Click to see the source(s) for this event. 1773 .

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CATHERINE THE GREAT (1762-1796). 50. *Accession of Catherine the Great, 28th June 1762, silver medal by G.C. Waechter, bust of Catherine left as Minerva, .

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Cameron Gallery at Tsarskoe Selo, St. Petersburg
Cameron, court architect to Catherine the Great, designed several major buildings in the town of Pushkin, including the Cameron Gallery and Agate Rooms.

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Bust of Alexander the Great - kings-and-queens photo, Young Catherine II of Russia, Catherine the Great - kings-and-queens photo, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt .

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1771 Fedot Ivanovich Choubine, Russian sculptor and painter, carved a bust of Catherine the Great. (Econ, 12/23/06, p.126)( .

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Round shape with border set with small diamonds, a bust of Catherine the Great in the center and inscription "Catherine II - Em[ress] and Sovereign of .

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Monument to Catherine the Great in St. Petersburg (photo by Christian Bickel) . A great bust of Alexander II and decorations on the pedestal for the monument .

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Antoine Houdon The portrait busts by the French sculptor Jean Antoine Houdon . Acting on the advice of Baron Grimm, Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, .

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The reign of Catherine the Great was a magnificent era during which, according to a contemporary, "Russia became a European country and St. Petersburg .

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Plain edge. 38.72 mm. By Judin. Catherine II, The Great, 1762-1796. An agricultural award medal. Bust of Catherine II, right. Reverse: Ceres seated on sheaves .

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Vigée Le Brun's Russian Portraits
Another portrait, bust-length, looking up and wearing a kind of an antique . Married Count Valerian Zoubov, brother of Catherine the Great's favorite, and later .

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Citizens and Kings: Portraits in the Age of Revolution 1760-1830
Sep 2, 2007 . To focus on the range of portraits, paintings and sculptured busts at the . It could be left to Catherine the Great and King Frederick of Prussia in .

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. not named after Catherine the Great but after Catherine I, the wife of Peter the Great and mother of . Above: A bust of Rastrelli in front of the Catherine Palace.

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It was used by Catherine the Great for unofficial, private receptions. The art collections . Catherine the Great's bust by Houdon is in the corner of the room.

. and the Russian Empress Catherine the Great sent thousands of miners into . into sculptured forms, witness the bust of Trajan which Napoleon captured in .

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Book Categories: History, Tsars, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the . Traces the dramatic cycles of boom and bust in Russian history, from the late .

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Medallic Art in Russia During the Reign of Peter the Great . at the St. Petersburg Mint during the reign of Catherine the Great (1762-1796) (Figs. . (the former lacks Müller's monogram “M” in the truncation of the shoulder of the bust; however, .

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Museo Nacional del Prado: Eighteenth-century painting and sculpture
. by Catherine the Great, but also a splendid collection of eighteenth-century . of Neoclassical sculpture in the world, notably statues and busts by the Italian, .

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Houghton Hall
The bust of Walpole in the incredible Stone Hall stands higher than those of . The Third Earl sold Houghton's collection of paintings to Catherine the Great of .

Revolutionary War - Captain John Paul Jones
He accepted an Admiral's commission from Catherine the Great of Russia to . was made between the body's head and Houdon's bust, known to have been .

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Jul 13, 2009 . Go to Google and type in "Catherine the Great" and one of the top . that actually hurt them, rather than the occasional bust of low key players .

Biography of Fedot Ivanovich Shubin, Russian Artist
The work of Fedot Shubin, like that of all the great eighteenth century . Also successful was his marbel bust of Catherine II, despite the fact she did not sit for him .