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ORKNEY (Earldom of) - Azure [blue background] a ship at anchor, oars in . Crest - A cross pattee within a circle of stars argent [silver] Motto - Via crucis, via .

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. a harp Or, stringed Argent (a gold harp with silver strings on a blue background ). . Unlike Scotland, Ireland did not request to keep a unique coat of arms when it . on a Cross Gules, in inescutcheon Argent, charged with a dexter hand erect .

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North Riding County Council, Blazon:Argent a cross gules; on a chief azure three roses . used an unofficial coat of arms consisting of a gold shield bearing a blue eagle. . In the background of the shield are narrow green and blue waves .

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THE HISTORY OF THE 1ST BATTALION, 107TH FIELD ARTILLERY CREST. The background of the shield is RED for Artillery. The BLUE cross represents Civil .

TIOH - Heraldry - 34 Infantry Regiment
The distinctive unit insignia was approved 3 May 1923. . The blue background with gold cross crosslets sharpened at the foot reflects World War I service.

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Coat of Arms - Diocese of Rapid City
Every coat of arms also includes external elements that identify the rank of the bearer. . The arms of Bishop Gruss are dominated by a cross estoile, a star- shaped cross . (argent) background recalls the coat of arms of the Diocese of Davenport, . The compass is painted blue (azure) to allude to Our Lady, whose vocation, .

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The present Club Badge dates from 1949, at which time a request was made to Sir . a sketch of which showed a shield with a blue cross on a white background. . to be authoritative, the shield should be, in heraldic terms ' Sable on Argent'.

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The flag's design derives from the cross on the blue background seen on the town's . flag the previous variant of the coat of arms i.e. with a silver cross is used. . a maunche gules issuant from the cloud argent in the dexter chief of the azure .

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BIG RED ONE M.V.C.G. Belgium
Background: Originally approved on 31 Oct 1918 as a red number "1" for the 1st . to the top and blue enamel to base, inscribed on the blue the motto "VICTORY" in . The crest: On a wreath of the colors on a cross pateé Argent a garb Proper .

The homepage of J. Stewart LeForte with his personal coat of arms granted by the . the Shield of the Coat of Arms. The Gold background was changed to White - which . The Blue Bend is indented to "cant" the name LeForte (fortress walls). . and addorsed Or head Argent bearing in its beak Or a cross fleury fitchy Gules.

Episcopal Arms - The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
When one first looks at the coat of arms of the men who have served as Bishop of . The background is azure (blue) with a cross or (gold) and a dolphin argent .

Armoiries de Saint-Georges
The red cross on a white background is the cross of Saint George. . Crest: An ' argent' horse carries a Latin Cross. The crown of blue lilies and red maple leaves .

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Medical Corps - US Military -
The crest (On a wreath of the colors Argent and Gules, a cross below an arc of seven . The white stars on a blue background and the red and white stripes .

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Courtly Lives - The Kruessler,Crysler, Chrysler Coat of Arms
Jun 14, 2005 . This is the civic coat of arms of Guntersblum, Rheinland-Pfalz, . Below is a pot of five red roses in a blue pot on a white(argent/silver) background. . first and fourth a fleur-de-lis or; second and third a plate; overall a cross of .

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This diocesan coat of arms (which we call the shield to distinguish it from the bishop's coat of arms, which includes it) is described as “Argent on a cross gules, a rose or . Its background is silver (argent). . The four blue (azure) stars signify that Georgia was the fourth state to ratify the Constitution of the United States.

ARMS: Argent a Cross Gules in the first quarter a Sword in pale point upwards of the last. CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours a Dragon's sinister Wing Argent charged . The background of the shield comprises a wavy field in blue and white .

Mar 8, 2010 . Crest: On a wreath Gules, Argent and Azure the carrack Santa Maria on . is all white and the charges of the bordure appear on a white background. . three waves of blue, white and blue and overall a beveled white cross .

Distinctive Unit Insignia and Coat of Arms . in front of two lightning flashes saltirewise of the first, on a chief wavy Azure (Oriental Blue) a chess knight Argent .

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Jan 23, 2012 . In Cartier's time, a new flag, which was blue with a white cross, was competing . with fleurs-de-lis argent and bearing in the centre Québec's coat of arms, . a cross between 4 fleurs?de?lis argent", i.e. on a blue background, .

There are three cross crosslets and the base of the each cross crosslet . 2nd - RAWSON - Background divided, top red (gules), bottom blue (azure) . 4th - AVENALL - Background silver (argent) with a red (gules) band (fess) . when they appear in a coat of arms their colour is not described; a bezant is always gold (or).

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Addorsed: back to back; argent: silver; azure: blue; bar: narrow horizontal stripe; . fesse: horizontal band occupying centre third of shield; field: background; fimbriated: . by a prairie both also proper, on a chief argent, a St George's Cross. Crest: Upon a helm with wreath argent and gules, a beaver couchant upholding on its .

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Medical Corps History
The crest (On a wreath of the colors Argent and Gules, a cross below an arc of seven . The white stars on a blue background and the red and white stripes .

The background colour azure (blue) signifies Loyalty and Truth. 2. . In pale: The boars heads are arranged in a verticle array or column in the center of the shield. 5. Argent: They are silver (or white) in color. CREST: . a cross patonce gu.

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Reprint from "The Armiger's News"
Crest: “the head of an American bald-headed eagle erased the erasure per bend . Arms. The blue background of the principal part of the shield and the crossed . between four mullets Argent in a chief of the second a lion passant Gules.” .

This includes a stylised description of the escutcheon (shield), the crest, and, if present, supporters, . Or (gold). Argent (silver). Bleu-celeste (sky-blue) . consisting of gold crosses on a silver background (left) or the arms of the office of Roman .

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Sir Hugh Hamersley
Crest: A demi-griffin segreant or, in the dexter claw a cross-crosslet fitchee, gules . (i.e. three gold fleur-de-lys on a blue background - for France, quartered with . with a white cross (a cross argent), which, I guess, is a form of differencing.

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Genealogy Family heirloom store reproducing coat of arms, crests, family crests, . Metals consist of Gold, commonly called Or, and Silver, commonly called Argent . Engraving : Small dots on background. . Vair - Blue and White bell shaped objects. . The CROSS is drawn with two bars which run horizontally and vertically .

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Mar 16, 2012 . Keywords: fiji | viti | cross: red | lion: passant guardant | lion: yellow | dove . Flag adopted 10th October 1970, coat-of-arms adopted 4th July 1908 . and the shield from the Fiji Coat of Arms on a light blue background in the fly. . the crest, on a wreath Argent and Gules a canoe with outrigger all proper;; the .

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Feb 10, 2007 . Petra Sancta Method; Tilted Shields; Saltires and X crosses; Blazonry; Basic Rules . azure, (blue), horizontal lines, the horizontal line on an "A" . (in Latin): Blazons and emblems of nobility (1634) ; Coat of Arms of the Great Famlies(1638 ). . Argent [A white background] on a Fess [horizontal division in the .

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(2) The drawing of another Coat of Arms, Crest and Motto looks exactly like the one . Arms - Argent, two lions rampant,combatant gules, Arms - A silver shield with two upright red . (for Warren) cross on a blue background in the top leftcorner.

CREST: On a wreath Or and Azure (Dark Blue) a laurel wreath Proper . an Aegis radar escutcheon of the second charged with a cinquefoil pierced Argent. . The coat of arms in full color as in the blazon all upon a white background and . The crossed cutlass and sword represent combat and the readiness, past and .